Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diapers & frost

This morning there was a frost on the ground as I hung out the diapers. I'm not sure when it will be too cold to hang them out, but my fingers were nearly frozen stiff at the end of the line. Still, I love to see them out there getting bleached by the sun, even in the chilly weather. Diapers are a funny matter these days. My father-in-law remembers seeing diapers hung out all around the city of Hartford as he was growing up. My mother-in-law says she used to love seeing her baby's diapers hanging in the sun. And I remember my mother hanging out load after load of my sister and brother's diapers. Only a generation ago, cloth diapers were a normal part of life with babies. Less than two generations ago, line-drying was the only option.

And what about earlier generations? When I read the Little House books, I often wonder about what frontier families did for their babies. Going diaper-free is certainly possible, and something that many people do with success even now (I'm trying it if we ever have another). I bet they used old cloths... but if so, how did they keep up with the constant washing & drying? I can see how in the summer, but winters were long and cold and frontier cabins were little.

Notes on finding our "places" in our new locale: Just found a nice natural foods store! Nothing like the Willi Food Co-op, but still, it's pretty cool. I was able to get bulk oats and raisins for a great price! The mark-ups on organics in supermarkets is outrageous. They also have a nice bulk spices department. Bye-bye McCormick, over-priced nonsense!

In the photo you can probably also see a little bit of our compost bins.

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