Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Lawns

The title sums up my day. Oh, suburbia!

Sometimes I feel like such a sucker. I don't really want a "lawn," but we have one, and I don't really have the courage to just let it be taken over by .... whatever.... and I don't have the time to turn it into gardens, since it is in the front and our road has cars and the little one is not old enough to stay away from the street, but not young enough to just hang out in a carrier while I work. I find a lawn tedious and stressful here in suburbia. I want my neighbors to like us. I want to foster relationships with the people in my community, and for some reason I feel like that means I have to participate in lawn madness. Am I crazy? I mean, I was raking and using my push-reel mower, but I couldn't help feeling like my time could be better spent.

I look into the bowl of candy we just bought for Halloween and I think SUCKER! I remember my mom giving out raisins and I felt embarrassed that it wasn't candy. Now, I understand her impulse. It felt gross to be shoveling this "food" into kids hands. But, I know that if I were to give out apples or anything homemade, it would be thrown out. I should have just gone in for boxes of raisins. Next year, maybe. So, I'll be thought of as a health-food nut. Is that such a bad thing?

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