Monday, November 1, 2010

It's been a long time since I kept a blog, but I've been hankering to do it again. So I've started the sequel to my old blog, Little Red House. Always the mistress of inventiveness, this is titled Little White House. I want to start writing a little bit more intentionally about my attempts to make my (now full-time) homemaking ecologically sound, economically prudent, and peaceful. It's hard to do, and I feel very much at odds with the world-at-large, where it seems that the message is BUY BUY BUY.

There are things I have been doing that help me toward that goal. We've been cloth-diapering Theo since the week he was born. We use our clothesline as religiously as possible. We've started to compost our compostables and plan vegetable gardens for the coming year. I'm making lots of yummy things with the abundance of fall produce from the local farms. We've stopped buying meat at the grocery store, which means we've been eating more vegetables. I'm baking bread. And I'm trying to navigate the world of motherhood.

I'm not where I want to be yet. My goals are many, which is a problem. On the one hand I just want to live simply and enjoy my life, but what I'm realizing is that takes a lot of work, planning, and dedication. I'd love to start making yogurt again, since I used to love our homemade stuff. I have no idea how to care for our "lawn" (which I cringe to even type) without yucky chemicals and a lot of water. I want to be less reliant on my car, and maybe even make the transition to being a 1-car family. I want to buy less junk. I want to learn how to fix things myself without making the problem worse.

And I want to be able to get rid of bathroom mildew without bleach.

Am I asking too much? Without a community of support, I might be. In our new house, I'm learning just how many people we had back in the quiet corner of CT who I admired. I'm talking about people who knew how to be eco-friendly and frugal and fun and warm. We've met many really nice, wonderful people here. But it is much more urban/suburban/busy and less rural/chilled out around these parts. I need to find my people! People who will wear the same wool sweater almost every day of the winter b/c it's warm and lovely!

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