Thursday, November 4, 2010

it's worth it

Mmmm.... homemade bread.

I've always loved the smell of bread baking-- and I was lucky enough to smell this all the time in my home as a kid. I had homemade oatmeal bread every day for many, many years. Right now I'm in a bread-baking phase myself, and so glad to be doing it. I was wondering if it is just self-indulgent, or if it is important (beyond pleasing my own palate). But here's my bread-baking manifesto. Well, let's just call it a list of reasons I think it's a jolly good idea to bake bread.

-It smells good
-You can choose your own ingredients, according to your budget, health needs, curiousity, etc.
-It's one less thing to buy at the store. True, you have to buy the ingredients, but you can buy them in bulk and save some $.
-It doesn't come in a plastic bag = one less thing in the dump
-If you have babies or kids, they'll like to watch and help. T. likes to play with the flour and loves to say BAKING and DOUGH and BREAD. It holds his attention for a long time.
-It makes a good gift for a friend
-It warms up the house on a chilly, rainy day!
-It's a good excuse to eat some good butter (now... homemade butter should be on my list of things to try ...)

I could go on, but I think that in my attempt to do more from-scratch things, I'm finding that the benefits are often greater than I first thought. It's nice to think that healthy things have a way of being healthy in more than one way.

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