Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's hard to resist a deal. Okay, it's not always hard. When I get a coupon for a free car "detailing" at the local shop, for example, I realize that someone would have to PAY me for the trouble of wasting my time in order for me to even consider such a thing. But there are more subtle and tempting deals that have been thrown our way...

...like a coupon to a spa. I must say that I love a spa. I adore a facial or a massage or a nice haircut. I honestly wouldn't mind sitting in a hot tub for a few hours in preparation for a massage. I even have rather enjoyed an eyebrow wax. Sick, I know. But there IS something nice about grooming rituals, and most species enjoy such things. I'm part of a species that has let grooming occupy an enormous chunk of time and an even larger chunk of resources.

So I'm resisting the "good" deal. I reflect on some of the happiest days of my life and there were no pedicures, professional massages, and certainly no waxing. Heck, there wasn't any shaving happening either. And to be honest, I got most of my haircuts from friends: my husband, Paige who lived in my dorm at college, a friend's mother, my mother, and numerous other scissor-wielding & fearless folks. It was fun. It always made me laugh. The results were usually good, and sometimes a surprise.

I'm resisting a good deal because the salon isn't really out to help me relax, as they say on their flyer. They want to hook me as a customer and see if they can convince me to fit into a mold, just like the dreadful face*book ads that tell me I need to lose weight, diminish my wrinkles, and earn x amount of money from home. No I don't! No I don't! No I don't! The trip to the salon would undoubtably stress me out-- I hate driving, I especially hate driving to new places. The staff would stress me out with their perfumes and the "products" they would suggest I buy so that I can look more.... more.... ? More what? More like them? More like a nobody? More like a somebody?

And I'm resisting the good deal because a good deal, whether it's 25% off this or that, or buy one get one, or what-have-you usually exists to convince me to buy things or services that I don't really need. If I needed them, I would seek them out, rather than having their suggestions be the impetus for my "need." Perhaps I do need a haircut (I think my younger sister would agree), but if I can't find a volunteer, I'll find a pro on my terms, not based on the lure of a "deal."

I'm hoping it will also connect me with people in my life, even people I'm already well-connected with. If you are my friend or mother or husband or aunt or sibling or stranger reading this now, don't be alarmed if I approach you with scissors. I'm just looking for a haircut.


  1. I will cut your hair at Christmas. Let's have some wine first. We will definitely laugh. Maybe I'll discover a new calling.

  2. Sweet. Just a trim, you know me.