Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the suburban hubbub

This has been my first foray into "town" living since I was 23, and I am coming to the realization that I'm not particularly well-suited to it. When I think of the best living conditions I ever had, I think back on shabby homes placed in lovely rural places. Here we have a nice home on a nice street in town. It's in great condition and I feel grateful for what we have. Our other homes, though situated in beautiful locations had hazards I'm glad that I am not exposing my baby to... well-water with unsafe stuff in it, lead paint chipping everywhere, molds/mildews, one landlord was always burning stuff in the woodstove that I'm fairly sure was not healthy for anyone, smokers who lived downstairs and upstairs, and the list goes on. I'm so glad that we are finally living in a place where we are in charge of our indoor air quality, and how/when things get fixed and replaced. That is something to feel happy about, and I do.

But it's hard to look out the window every morning, and not be surrounded by "nature." I mean, it's all nature-- we have trees and shrubs and plants, but we see a lot of houses, asphalt, fencing, and lawn, lawn, lawn, LAWN. I love to look out the window and see woods or fields. It just feels good to me. I miss being able to put T. in a carrier and walk the trails in Mansfield right from our back door. That was a blessing, and I'm glad I took advantage of it as much as I did. In our little red house, the hubby and I tromped about the 22 acres and the dirt roads every day. It was good for our health, our happiness, and our stress level. Here we can walk to the hardware store, to our new friends' homes, to bakeries, video stores, and a park that T. just loves.

It's not that I regret buying this home. I love our home, and it's been infinitely useful to have my husband only 10 minutes away at any given moment. We have met some very nice people here, and as I said, it's nice to live in a home that feels a lot less toxic than some of the cool rentals we've had in the past. I'll feel more at peace when I find some "me" places-- nature trails, abandoned fields, ponds, streams. I want to be able to put Theo in the car (since that seems our only option) and take him somewhere where we feel like we're away from the suburban hubbub.

We spend a good amount of time in our backyard, which is fenced (thank goodness, since cars drive too fast on our road). We hang a lot of laundry out there. We've enjoyed the tomatoes and herbs planted by the former owners, and I'm having fun planning our gardens for next year. I just learned our town "approved" keeping up to 5 chickens! That might make our backyard a lovelier place. If we aren't living in the country, we'll have to bring country living here, right? But I have to remind myself... one project at a time...

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