Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving redux

Well, Turkey day has come and gone, but it wasn't exactly Turkey day for us. This was the first time we've opted out of turkey-eating in a long time. It was much less awkward than I thought it would be, mostly because there were so many wonderful things to eat. A root veggie & brussels sprouts melange from my uncle's wife (a fellow locavore), squash, homemade cranberry sauce and bread, sweet potato casserole, potatoes, homemade ice-cream, and ken and I made the pies (2 pumpkin, 2 apple). YUM!

Still, next year I'd like to find a healthy, local turkey and roast it for all. This year my idea came too late in the game for my parents, for a number of reasons. But since they are buying a side of beef with my sister and me, they're on the road to discovering local meats! Yay....

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