Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visit to the shore

I love to watch T. in a new place, just playing as happily as can be. He has such unmitigated joy for the world--especially when he's just playing with no (or, very few, we didn't want him running in the freezing ocean)constraints. He loves to be outside touching new things, looking around, and just being 21months old. What a wonderful day to visit the ocean. One thing we like about this location is that we are only 20-25 minutes from the ocean. Theo had a wonderful time digging with a large shell be found.

We were also able to go to a Farmers' Market before the beach. This is (so far) the best one in our area for our needs. It's nothing like being back in the quiet corner of the state (boo-hoo), but in favor of Living In The Now, I am grateful that we have a chance to buy fresh, clean food from some local farmers, even if it's not like our old market. Today we got beets, onions, carrots, green peppers, daikon radish, shitake mushrooms, ground beef, short ribs, and a tiny ham. I do like meat, and I hope to see more meat available at markets, especially chicken.

Last night I had a vision. Not like a hallucination or anything, but more like a thought or feeling that consumed me for a few moments. I was in bed, and I closed my eyes and felt like I was back in the little red house again on a cold, snowy, starlight night snuggled in our upstairs bedroom. It was such a nice feeling-- maybe just a longing. This morning Ken asked where I might want to live, if I could live anywhere. I guess I'm in withdrawal, because I said STORRS! But here's why: it's rural and lovely, but moreover, since 2002 I had been slowly making friends and building community in that area, and that is really hard (and fun and wonderful) work. One problem with moving is that you leave behind a huge network of people, and no matter how many great people you meet in your new place, there is no such thing as "instant" community. These things take time.... and patience has never been my strong point.


  1. I love these pictures of absolute JOY! Theo is at a wonderful age. Who knew a length of a reed could be so much fun? I'm sorry you miss Storrs so much. I completely understand. I missed Scotia so much when we moved, and then, 15 years late I missed Pittsburgh terribly. I find it take at least a year to adjust to any new place. You will bloom where you are planted, but keep your dream of a home in the country alive. Tuck it away somewhere very special. One never knows where life takes them.