Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the nest.

I've always like this phrase, although it really doesn't typify any of the pregnant women I've known. None of us are placidly sitting still and waiting for our little chicks to arrive. It's usually a bustling time. Nesting, more than on the nest. Now that my first trimester is drawing to a close, I'm regaining some energy (have you noticed that I've been able to post a little bit more?). I'm feeling more confident that this is a strong pregnancy, not one of my many ill-fated attempts. While the nesting instinct is very strong, so far it's put me in the mood for list-making, and by the time I'm done with making the list I'm too tired to actually do anything.

Why is it that pregnant people usually want to start painting? Maybe we know that painting with a belly is going to be a heck of a lot easier than painting with a baby attached to the breast. I'm thinking that we'll keep our guest room a guest room, and have the kids share a room once baby is out of our room. So we're not thinking of painting the nursery, but our kitchen is in need of a new look. Currently there are beige walls and white cabinets, with a kind of creamy-coffee colored trim. Very bland. The rooms near our kitchen (dining room, living room, hallway) are all the same color: a kind of deep seaglassy blue-green. Our kitchen floor is gray.

I'll probably wax sentimental about the new baby another time, but the realities of making our new (to us) home a nest seem to be occupying my mind now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy second trimester so I can make some progress on homemaking projects!

view from foyer to kitchen, including our groovy 60s stereo

view from dining room to kitchen

one corner of the kitchen

over our stove

We're keeping the cabinets white, just looking for a more inspiring wall color. One that will look cool with the color of our hallway and dining room!


Oh, and we're "due" August 28th. Happy. Happy.



  1. Ah, yes the planning and dreaming... such a great phase, my favorite! Just wait til you're energy kicks in, then watch out :)
    I love the soft blue and that chair is beautiful..I vote for sunshine yellow! But that might just be because I love yellow ;)
    Good job mama on making it through your first tri., and good luck with the second, so fun!