Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Play on an icy day

Yesterday was warm! That is, it reached 50 degrees. Not bad. I thought today might be like that, judging from how sunny it looked. I was quite wrong. The little guy and I headed to a local park that has a few animals, and the wind made it seem bitterly cold. Still, it was nice to get out of the house (we've been cooped up due to weather and sickness for too long). I'm glad we went, but I was reminded of why this winter has been so tedious. The ice sheets covering all parks and public open spaces makes outdoor play seriously hazardous. It never stopped me pre-kids. I have some mean looking crampons on my snowshoes, and mini-crampons for ice-walking/jogging. But sharp metal-toothed footwear and 2 year olds don't seem like comfortable bedfellows to me. So today we slipped and slid our way to see the sheep, chickens, rabbits, goats, ponies and peacocks. I'm glad we still have all our bones intact.


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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I'm so glad Theo is feeling better.