Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A recent blog I came across reminded me of a food I love to eat: samosas. Hers were made of a nice whole wheat crust (I'll try that next time) and some different fillings from mine, but I used the recipe I've always used and they were fantastic. The best thing is that most of the ingredients I *always* have on hand, even when I feel like we're out of most staples. I have flour, yogurt, frozen peas, potatoes, onions, garlic, and usually the right seasonings (though not today). Now that I've restocked mustard seed, I can fall back on this dinner when I feel our cupboards are bare, I have time, but I don't have the urge to shop for ingredients.

I was first introduced to the samosa during a year of volunteer work with the Student Conservation Association up in the Adirondacks. With the exception of trail season (where we lived out of our backpacks for 10 days or so) we had the incredible luxury of having a cook! But not just any cook, one well-versed in how to make vegetarian cuisine delightful in many ways (she could also make some pretty rad dishes out of game, bear teriyaki, for example). One of her not-so-secret weapons was a well-worn copy of The Moosewood Cookbook. It's still sort of my vegetarian bible for impressing non-vegetarian friends. It does have a couple of recipes that I don't like (next to Odessa Beets, I penciled in "not so thrilling" and her twist on standard mac and cheese doesn't quite satisfy my mac and cheese cravings), but in general the results are fantastic.

In fact, almost every recipe I've written about in this blog comes from that book. Some are fabulously simple, while others (like the samosas pictured above) seem to need a larger investment of time than I usually have. The last time I made them I was single and cooking for a "dinner party." Needless to say the alarming stack of dishes and the tired-of-waiting-for-dinner toddler remind me that they might not be weekday fare for this family. At least not when I start dinner AFTER my dude comes home because I didn't have mustard seeds on hand. Well, they tasted darn good, despite their tardiness. And unlike my single days, now I have a wonderful dishwasher (the man I married) and that pile was gone by the time the samosas came out of the oven. Hurrah.

And we have lunches that are ready-to-travel should we want a snow-picnic tomorrow.

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