Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pencil Roll

all done

pencils in the roll

in process

Here's my first sewing project since the little guy was born (and the first non-curtain sewing project I've tackled since making hair scrunchies with my best friend in 8th grade). We were invited to a birthday party for one of T.'s friends, and I was having a really hard time thinking of the right present. I had a few titles of fun picture books in mind (and believe me, I was well-prepared to march to the closest bookstore and get them if this project didn't work out). Luckily, I decided on a sewing project that was "suitable for children as young as 10." Which is pretty much at my current skill level.

I was really happy with the result, and surprised at how quickly it all came together! And while I was making it I had some quiet moments to think about what a nice little friend my son has, which is not something I usually do while shopping. And, unlike my home-decor projects, this was really low-stress. Two-year-olds don't really care if my seams are uneven.

Next project: curtains. My fantasy? Whipping together some Roman Blinds like my frightfully talented cousin just did. Though I could see myself snapping a dowel rod in a fit of sewing-induced temper, so maybe I should try an intermediate project first.


  1. Very cute, Emily! You've hit on what I love the most about handmade gifts -- I get to spend so much time thinking about the recipient while I work on it. If only I had unlimited time... (As for those Roman Blinds: I'll hold your hand. I promise.)

  2. One of the best gifts ever, Em.

  3. Emily, I'm impressed!!! They look very advanced, way higher than a 10 year old level. I don't think I could make them.

  4. hi Emily,
    very nice blog! it's great to catch up a little this way. i tried to call you last weekend but no answer. please stop by anytime you're in our neighborhood. it would be rgeat to see you!

  5. this is such a beautiful pencil roll. lovely fabric and colors, i love it.