Saturday, March 12, 2011

This & that

Many of my entries in this blog have been about projects in various stages of done-ness, both material projects and mental projects. My first entry outlined one of my mental projects: acclimating to living in a new town and being a full-time at-home parent. It's about time I followed up on some of these things:

On living in a new place: I'd say I'm doing an okay job in this area. I still think our family belongs in a more rural place, and I hope it will be our next move. However, I'm starting to embrace some of the advantages of living close to a city. Namely, we've been able to find some great spots to eat out as a treat. One of our favorites includes Miya, a sushi place known for its inventiveness and comittment to sustainable fishery. We've basically only had their vegetarian rolls, but we're so happy with them I don't think we need to look elsewhere. We can also eat out with Theo (who loves the rice, cucumbers, avacado in the rolls) for about 25 bucks! And we are all full when we leave. Sweet. We've also found a nice vegetarian spot that is affordable and into local produce. Both of these are in the city, which is only about a 10-15 minute drive from our place. We've also been glad to take advantage of the Peabody Museum and the 2 free fine art musuems on the Yale campus. I think I'd trade it all in an instant to be able to walk out my door and see a lovely stand of trees or a meadow. Watching out for the snowdrops in the woods during spring is so much more inspiring than seeing the trash that's blow into the yard as the snow melts. Gross.

And I've met some people--mostly other moms who are also taking a stab at holistic parenting, to various degrees. Our schedule some weeks is actually quite busy, and I'm glad T. has had a chance to meet some other kids. I think I'm making friends and that makes a huge difference in our day-to-day existence! Yay.

On the basement: I wrote that particular post before morning sickness struck, and although the morning sickness has left somehow that motivation has NOT resurfaced. Suppose we change the subject...

On composting: We're back at it! It doesn't look like our yard is full of rotting banana peels, as it turns out. And our brief hiatus during the snowiest time didn't really tempt me to forget composting altogether. It remains to be seen whether the compost itself will actually be usable anytime soon, but right now we're back to bringing our vegetable scraps out there and waiting to see what will happen.

On bread baking: I did lose a little steam in that area. While we still usually have dough for a crusty loaf on-demand, I've stopped making those nice sandwich loaves that we all relished. I actually can't think of a good reason for this... maybe I'll try again.

On kitchen painting: I think we're going to go with a terra-cotta color, Pumpkin Patch. Our friend suggested that it might look somewhat pink on the wall, so we will likely get a small sample to paint a little bit first. I love pink, but that's not what I have in mind for the kitchen.

While on the topic of the kitchen: Our dishwasher plans are on hold. I guess I should have labeled that post "I have decided that I want a dishwasher," not "Coming Soon." We're one of those families that likes to have a little cushion (and I do mean little) in the bank, and that dishwasher project would probably dip us below the figure that we want to keep in the account. But maybe over the summer when we are not heating the house, etc., we'll have more wiggle room. Let's hope.

On being on the nest: Still am. Not much to say, except we're having (as K. likes to call it) a midwife-crisis. The homebirth I had been hoping for was just not in the budget, even though our insurance covers much of it. I also didn't really click with the midwives who offer homebirth in our area, and it is SO important to click with the people who will be delivering your baby. So that is the main reason we're not going with that option. The midwives who offer waterbirth at a birth center deliver babies and see patients in a city about 45 minutes from here. But door-to-door it's been taking me an hour (and that is with NO traffic) to get to appointments. I really like the midwives, but I am not happy to drive that far for prenatal care, especially not with a 2yr old. Nor am I fond of being an hour from the place once I am in labor. So this week we're seeing a small group of midwives who deliver at Yale, and have come highly recommended. Yale doesn't really offer waterbirth, but so far I really liked the midwife with whom I spoke on the phone. A ten-minute drive to appointments is far more humane for all of us (not to mention all the greenhouse gases we'll save if we switch). A ten-minute drive while in labor is also far more humane. And if I feel confident that these midwives can not let the beast of a teaching hospital interfere with my birth I will go with them. It remains to be seen.

On our general family health: We've been struck by gastroenteritis. The stomach bug. It's been a gross week. The little guy seemed to avert the complete version that his parents were treated to, but he's not really been himself. He probably had or has a mild version of what we had. I had to laugh at my "this moment" post-- serenity this past week! Ha! It's been more like a madhouse of barely-functional parents and a crabby 2yr old trying to survive on oral re-hydration fluids and saltines. And the double-whammy is that it canceled our spring break plans of visiting my parents and having a night or two away at a great little Inn in Vermont. I can't tell you how disappointed we all have been. We would have been enjoying our foray into the Green Mountains now had we not all been ill. So once T. is up and running we're going to make some day-trips happen. Maybe even baby's first trip to NYC! Why not?

That's all. I swore to myself this wouldn't just be a "family updates" blog, but forgive half of this blog for being just that.

I hope you are all well-

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  1. I had a midwife birth in a hospital. It went both ways. On one hand, I felt like they got a little reactionary at anything less than *normal,* which included going past my due date, and predictions of a "large" (> 8 lbs) baby. There were times when I really had to advocate for myself, which as a bit of a surprise because, well, they were midwives after all, and were supposed to be low intervention... right? And I think the hospital context contributed to that, even before I went into labor.

    On the other hand, both my births had aspects I'm not sure a midwife could have handled (e.g., a 9+ pound breech baby) so it was very nice to have an MD there.