Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When rain actually motivates a body . . .

fresh yogurt and flowers from the mister

I was having a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. I missed the all-important pregnant-lady nap yesterday because the T. man cut his nap short. So I was overtired and tossed and turned a lot. The windows were bright at 6:15, which was a nice change from the rainy mornings we've had. T. woke at 6:15, which is LATE for him, and he was in a jolly mood (not a garuntee in the morning). In a normal world this would make me get out of bed pretty willingly. But I felt tired.

Then I remembered.....

I had a nice fresh batch of homemade yogurt waiting for me in the fridge! For those readers of the old blog, you'll remember what a homemade yogurt fanatic I used to be. Then we moved... then we moved again... then I was dairy-free when T. was in his early nursing months.... then we moved. Let's just say the ambition for making my own dried up at some point, spurred on (no doubt) by the disorganization that comes with my method of packing (pack carefully and neatly for a few days, then panic and throw anything/everything into any old box).

Yesterday, as I mentioned, was rainy. And we're not afraid of the rain. We have our coats and boots. Yet, when the rain is coming down in sheets the prospect of bringing a 2yr old to the grocery store for yogurt is just not appealing. Taking a fun rain walk, yes. Driving to a play date--fine. But there's already something smarmy about a grocery store and rain certainly does not help. That's when I had a vague memory of coming across a bunch of our yogurt makers in a box somewhere recently, and I also remembered that a heating pad and some insulating material (a tea cozy, wool sweater, thick towels, whatever) have worked for me in a pinch.

This is where my method of packing isn't so bad, because it's paired (on occasion) with an uncanny ability to recall where certain items might be. So within minutes of deciding not to go to the store, I had found an old yogurt maker, scrubbed a glass jar nice and clean (as seen in yesterday's post) and put a quart of milk on the stove.

Voila! From local milk comes ultra-local yogurt!

I had also willfully forgotten that the taste of homemade is truly, really, truly, and oh so very, very.

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  1. I love the description of your packing method! Soon you'll be able to slice some fresh strawberries into that yogurt. You make it look good, especially next to the flowers.