Monday, April 25, 2011

This year's eggs...

For some reason I always thought that natural egg dyes either wouldn't really work in any satisfying way, and also might make the eggs taste funny. This year I tried dying eggs without the PAAS kit in hand, and voila! It worked! I made up 3 basic dye colors: red (more like pink), yellow, and blue. Red = red beets shredded with water and vinegar, boiled and strained. Yellow= Turmeric with vinegar and water, boiled. Blue = red cabbage chopped and boiled with water and vinegar, then strained. It was a little more work than the handy pellets of color, but I really loved the results. And the easter bread (a family tradition since before I was born) was delicious-- no turmeric or beet or cabbage taste despite the dye coloring parts of the bread. Yum.

We had a very happy Easter up in NY. Those of us up early enough got to see a dusting of snow on the ground, which was gone long before any egg hunting began.

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  1. Nice work! That bread looks beautiful. Hope you had a great Easter!