Sunday, August 7, 2011

visiting the old market

flowers from the market

It was a crazy weekend, and I'm paying for a it a little bit in the body-aches category. But! Our fridge is now stocked with some great food. On Friday we visited some aunties in the town just north of us-- had a delightful lunch and swim-- and came home with a big bag of lettuce and cucumbers and herbs. On Saturday we decided to head up to our old farmer's market to connect with some friends before the baby comes, and to buy some veggies to make up for our missing CSA share this week. So glad we did. It just felt so good to have produce that we completely trust and that looks (and tastes) beautiful. I spent a lot of time (and wished I could have spent more) chatting with our friends from Shundahai Farm and Tabacco Road farm. It was great to see them! I wish I had my camera with me at the market. The beets in particular were impressive, especially because the greens looked just as good as the roots themselves. I'm planning to make up a quadruple batch of my favorite beet soup for freezing.

We also just bagged and froze 24 more Juliette tomatoes from our backyard.

The flowers we got were a gift at the end of the market from the woman who did the flowers for our wedding, almost 7 years ago. She didn't do the market for a few years, but I was so glad to see her back. She sells plants (I finally got a little pot of hens and chicks), onions, garlic, and flowers. But most people know her as the guru of the local food co-op. She's been managing the place since sometime in the 80s, I think. Have you ever met someone who you know has made a difference in a whole town? She has. Or, at least that's how I understand it. It must be really hard to be the leader not of a regular "business," but of a store-front food cooperative in a town that doesn't always seem to have too much going for it (in fact, it was dubbed the heroin capital of the east a while back). She exudes a kind of calm confidence. She seems to unabashedly speak her mind. She's clearly kind (the "co-op" kids love her). She has a generous spirit. When I asked if she'd be interested in doing the flowers for our wedding, she hesitated, and wanted me to know she was a gardener, not a florist, and she'd only done one small wedding before. But nothing beats seeing the seedlings for your summer wedding bouquet growing in the greenhouse in the middle of a snowy spring. Our flowers were one of my favorite parts of the wedding and I'll always be grateful that her adventurous spirit didn't balk at the thought of our somewhat formal church wedding.

Hope your weekend was full of happy reunions as well.


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  1. Glad you got to see your old friends. You have a very productive tomato garden! See you soon, I hope.