Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well, there's no update in the pregnancy department. I'm officially one week from my due date, but still awfully eager. I have to remember that September, not August, has always been a favorite month of mine, so if the babe is late at least he'll be born in one of my favorite months.

Still, I'm getting to be large enough that picking anything up off the ground or floor is rather tough. My nesting seems to take the form of cooking more than cleaning. Today, for example, I made one meatloaf for eating, and 5 for freezing. Hurrah for the chest freezer. Tomorrow I plan to have another Beet Soup mania. My sister is here, making cooking pretty easy. Not only did she bring a double of her CSA share, but she also dotes on the little one so that I can cook in relative peace! That's nice.

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