Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Picking

pear picking, too

first taste of a fresh-picked pear

a pair

munch, crunch

my boy

i'm apple picking!

i'm apple picking!

high hill orchard

The state of fruit-growing in New England is in crisis, if you ask me. While there has been a big push in recent years to buy local produce (and local apples have long been a tradition anyway), there are usually very few local fruit options for those concerned about pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and the kinds of chemical fertilizers one doesn't want a dog, let alone a toddler, ingesting. My spring quest for a u-pick strawberry patch that seemed like a safe place to unleash my finger-licking kiddo ended in disappointment. Safe, local, u-pick blueberries can be found if you really look hard and are willing to drive. But I'm happy to report that safe, local, u-pick apples and pears are just a short jaunt up the highway from us. Alas, it IS fruit in New England and they are not entirely pesticide-free, but they are leagues safer than most orchards.

We had such a relaxing and fun day. It was sunny and brisk, and the orchard was not crowded at all. What variety we picked (and sampled)! We found Bosc Pears, Golden and Red Delicious, Jonagold, Cortland, Macoun, and a small one called Liberty. There were others, too. We also bought a huge bag of Ginger Gold seconds to make applesauce. The tiniest one slept through it all (even nursed sleepily while I took in a nice view). The little guy kept saying, "I'm picking apples!" over and over again. We lingered and wandered and picked at a toddler's pace, which is just how a day like that should be enjoyed. Agree?

peace & apple love!

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