Monday, December 26, 2011

handmade christmas cheer

For those of you who've chatted with me in real life during this season, you probably already know how the holidays can seems excessive to me. Although I'll admit this is one of my favorite holidays, if I focus too much on the consumerism of the holiday I can get really down. It's nice to focus on some of the handmade gifts we were lucky to get and give this year. I would love to make something for everyone on my list one year in the future, but the only time I reached that goal was when (pre-marriage, pre-"real" job, pre-kids, pre-adult-life-as-I-know-it) I lived in an isolated cabin in the Adirondacks with a bunch of crafty people and a wonderful cook. A cook!

Mimi made the new sock monkey for Charles, to match the one made for Theo when he was a baby. I made some bean bags (and cut out more so that we can work on making 3 more together), and Aunt Ellen made the boys hats, glorious wool hats. The ones above are for Charles, but there's also one for Theodore who is napping with it as I type. I also made a gnome shirt, to match the gnome hat and belt I made a couple of weeks ago. Theo was really focused on me making him a gnome shirt, but when he opened it, he wasn't so thrilled and he hasn't even tried it on! Huh.

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