Sunday, February 19, 2012

goals for this coming season

I'm not into New Year's resolutions, but I would like to write down a few of my hopes as I look toward our growing season here in New England. My thoughts:

1) I'd like to have an epic strawberry-jam making session, such as I remember from the summers of my childhood. The CSA my sister belongs to has strawberries that I feel are pretty safe for the eating. I'd like to buy a bunch when we are up there and (are you reading this, Mom?) make jam with my Mom in NY. Seems better to pair up with someone who has done it before.

2) I really want to stock up on local blueberries while they are in season. I think we'll pay a visit to Windsong Farm, which has been recommended highly by some of my friends b/c of their safe growing practices. The trouble is that when blueberries are in season we eat them so fast that we've never been able to save any. (Oh, and we hope to harvest some from the 2 bushes we planted in our yard last year.)

3) We have plans to expand our backyard garden. I'm thinking we should add string beans, kale, peppers, squash, herbs, cabbage, . . . and more on that soon.

4) More applesauce! We have been enjoying our treats from the freezer. We bought a large bag of seconds from High Hill Orchard and it made delicious sauce. We could easily have eaten many times the amount we made...

5) I'd like to put a white hydrangea in front of the house, where we lost a small piney shrub.

6) We will need to come up with a good way to control weeds. Suggestions?

7) Since we are in suburbia, we need to figure out how to keep our front lawn somewhat un-dead over the summer. gag me.

8) We hope to be able to use some of our own compost for our gardens this year, but I also hope to find a good place to purchase some in bulk.

And what about you? Do you have any growing-season goals?



  1. Hmmm, I'll have to start thinking about where to get tons of strawberries for jam. Saratoga and Troy Farmers Markets are good starts. I'd love to make jam with you!!

    1. i'm hoping to buy some from sarah's farm! you have to be careful with what farm you buy from.... many spray really nasty stuff on the berries.

      SO glad you are not frightened by the thought of a day in the kitchen with me!

      you are the best.

  2. I'm just hoping for good weather during the growing season. I'm so afraid that mother nature is going to make up for our warm dry winter by giving us a wet cold summer. Oh dearie me.............

    1. let's keep our fingers crossed... it was (is?) a strange winter. i've had crocuses in bloom for weeks now.

  3. Try soil solarization for weeds. Keep one tiny patch of nice grass, and convert the rest into perennial beds. I've also seen some yards here that infill play / entertainment areas with mulch. They look nice! For grass, High Country Gardens has some lower water, rarely more varieties appropriate for the east coast. E.g.,

    1. I'm working on expanding my perennial bed each year. I do worry, though, that I'll get ahead of myself and not be able to keep up on the weeds. Thanks so much to the link for the seed. I'll check it out. We are trying reseeding with clover, as well.

      And soil solarization.... I'll have to google that one.

      Hope you are all well!

  4. I wish I had a place to grow something. I like your goals. Interesting, practical, healthy. And good luck with your front lawn....