Thursday, February 16, 2012

I don't think we'll join a CSA this year. In my previous post I talked about getting to know growers before joining their CSA, and I am going to take my advice. The only grower we're really considering now is at Bodichitta Farms, and the CSA pick up is at one of the New Haven Farmer's Markets (I think). But, I still don't know much about her or her farm, though we did buy a lot of maple syrup and mushrooms from her last year. And they were yummy! She seems really down to earth and invested in sustainable farming, so this is still a possibility. I'm waiting to hear more details, particularly about pick-up location and days so that we can decide if it will work for us.

Here's the good news-- when we moved here last year I thought that it was a dire situation with finding good local foods. Turns out that it's a little better than that, thank goodness. True, the farmer's market that is within walking distance of us is a huge letdown, but there are several in New Haven that have a number of good options. At these markets we've been glad to find some old favorites like Four Mile River Farm and Beltane Farms, but also discovered Starlight Gardens in Durham, Northfordy Farm in Northford, Riverbank Farm from Roxbury, Bodichitta Farm from Prospect, and a handful of other growers who are always at the market with great food. The trouble is that these markets are busy. Really, really busy! Not only is the market so busy that it's hard to talk to any of the grower for very long, but the location is such that you don't want to turn your back on your kid for very long either. Busy roads, unpleasant dogs, etc. So that's a disadvantage of these markets that I'm getting used to. For those of you who know me, I really do like to hang around and talk... and that hasn't been happening at any of these markets. On the bright side, one of the markets has a really popular set of tennis courts that are packed on the weekends, and we always have fun joining the spectators and seeing the games.

Here are a couple of pictures of us watching tennis at one of the urban markets from the fall of 2010. My little boy looks like a baby! Oh my.

This just in.... Starlight Gardens has started a CSA for 2012. And this is one farm we've been really into at the markets .... Okay-- back to the drawing board!

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