Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter preparations begin

Although it was a lovely and sunny day, we spent much of it inside making preparations for Easter week. Today's tasks were started early in the morning with simmering some food for dyes. This year in addition to using turmeric for yellow, we also tried onion skins.

They worked well, but the yellow was a little more mellow. However, it's a cleaner dye, since there aren't specks of the spice still in the dye when it is used. T did his part by chopping the cabbage.

Last year I was so pleased with our egg dyeing, but this year something seemed off. The dye just didn't stick to the eggs in the same way as it had in the past. I think this is because I didn't boil the dye material with the vinegar. I just added the vinegar later. We didn't get any real blue out of the cabbage. The results were still pretty.

Also, we made our traditional hot cross(ed?) buns. (And got a lot of mileage out of that nursery rhyme all day, I will add.)

kneading the dough
(T wanted to talk about the difference between "need" and "knead," be still my English-major heart)

ready for the first rising

avocado cuteness

one a penny! two a penny!


  1. Lovely! Were you able to find organic white eggs to dye?

    1. No, we were not able to find them. We got white eggs at T & S. Cage-free, veg-fed, kosher, what-have-you, but probably basically factory eggs anyway. I wonder whether last year I used white or brown eggs, and where I got them. They dye took so well to them last year.

    2. Come to think of it, L, I think last year we may have used brown eggs of some kind. I think they still take the dye!

    3. We're dyeing today...will give the brown eggs a go! Happy Easter to all!


    4. I hope it works out, L. I couldn't let my blue-egg fantasy drop, so I tried boiling 4 brown eggs with chopped red cabbage and vinegar. They didn't turn out very well.

      Keep us posted on yours.