Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In our kitchen

We've been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately.  After the holidays I am usually ready to get away from sweets, but this year we really didn't have a very sweets-focused time.  I'd been craving pie and wanting to try an oil crust, since I don't like using shortening, and I don't do well with dairy butter.   We are having it for dessert tonight and I hope it is good!

Theo helped out a lot with slicing and mixing.

That's one mountainous apple pie, eh?

Crusty bread for dinner.

I wish all breads were as easy as this loaf here.  It's really basic (water, flour, salt & yeast) and not fussy about rising times and kneading.


  1. Nice looking bread and pie! And, I'm enjoying reading your blog updates.

    1. Thanks, Raluca. After a hiatus I'm trying to blog again.