Sunday, January 12, 2014

we needed a day at the shore

we're on our way now 
is this a jelly?  so beautiful and strange looking



we saw these small clear jelly blobs all over 

i like how the patterns in the clouds look like the patterns left by waves on the beach

patterns like these

Theo was sick on Friday, but by this morning he was feeling well and so we went to the Audubon Society's place in Milford.   This time Theo was noticing all the patterns on the ocean.  Theo has grown so much since we discovered this spot & it's nice to return to one spot over and over as a family.  Now Charles is starting to know and love the spot too.  I just love living a very short drive from the ocean.  Even in the winter the air off the ocean smells wonderful.

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  1. Amazing how different the shore looks in winter. Very interesting little blobs there! What a nice day out.